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Windjammer Brushless Blowers 116642-03
Windjammer Brushless Blowers 116642-03
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Windjammer Brushless Blowers 116642-03

Part Number: 116642-03
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Windjammer Brushless Blowers 116642-03

Windjammer Brushless Blowers 116642-03 - CommercialVacuum.com

Windjammer 120 VAC brushless blower with high flow fan system. Blower offers a fan system that can be used for either vacuum or pressure. The backward curved centrifugal impellers of the working air provide high efficiency operation. These blowers are suitable for use in 0-50C. The drive system has a rectifier/filter network, a commutation controller and brushless DC motor. The drive system in the Bypass configuration has a cooling fan. In the Thru Flow configuration, the drive motor is in the working air stream. Electrical (Analog Voltage or Pulse Width Modulation Control): The control signal input to an optical isolator provides maximum safety for the low voltage signal circuit. Application of a zero to 10 VDC will control blower speed and air performance. Control can also be achieved by application of a pulse width modulated zero to 10 VDC square wave at a frequency between 150 Hz and 400 Hz. It takes an increase in control voltage to restart the blower. Mechanical (Screwdriver Adjustable): Adjustment of a multiple-turn potentiometer controls blower speed and air performance. The blower performance will vary from the maximum shown on the curves to a minimum of a few inches of water. 

5.7" Diameter Housing 
Maximum Pressure to 118 In. H2O (Sealed) 
Maximum Air Flows to 275 CFM 
Electrical and Mechanical Control Versions Design Features 
UL Component Recognized 
CSA and TÜV Certified 
Adjustable Air Performance 
Thermal Protection/Locked Rotor Protection 
Separation of Cooling Air and Working Air in Bypass Configuration 
Compact Size 
Long Life 
Low Noise to Power Ratio 
Working Air Is the Cooling Air in the Thru Flow Configuration Applications 
Computer Peripherals 
Material Handling 
Air Samplers and Evacuators 
Packaging Equipment 
Photographic Hold Down 
Business Machines, Printers, Collators 
Air Beds 
Vacuum Forming Equipment 
Dental/Medical Evacuators 
Sleep Assist Equipment 
Fuel Cell 
Textile Machines

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