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Vaportek Industrial Portable AR42
Vaportek Industrial Portable AR42
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Vaportek Industrial Portable AR42

Part Number: AR42
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Vaportek Industrial Portable AR42

Vaportek Industrial Portable - CommercialVacuum.com

The Portable Industrial Odor Controller (#90-0928) is a powerful, versatile and easy-to-use appliance that is ideally suited for commercial, industrial, healthcare and hospitality facilities. By installing up to 10 industrial membranes (#90-0926), it is capable of treating interior areas as large as 200,000 cubic feet. The replaceable membranes contain a proprietary blend of non-toxic, natural essential oils that are diffused into the air as a neutralizing dry vapor to permeate surfaces and eliminate odors. 

The Portable Industrial has proven to be effective in such applications as large kennels, garbage chute/trash compactor areas, smoke-damaged department stores, dairy processing plants and industrial metal plating operations. The Portable Industrial can be used freestanding, with the unit's internal blower powering the dry vapor dispersion, or permanently installed on the suction side of a ventilation system, eliminating the need for the unit's blower. When used freestanding, the lightweight unit can easily be moved from room to room or to different areas as necessary. Because the neutralizing vapor is slightly heavier than air, improved performance will result when the unit is placed relatively high in the treatment area. 

The Portable Industrial dispenses a non-toxic dry vapor when the odor control liquid sealed inside the membranes "breathes" out through the surface of the membranes as air travels over them. Simply place the desired number of membranes in the internal wire rack. Adjust the air inlet and air outlet openings, generally starting at a low setting and increasing the openings as appropriate for desired treatment. To achieve constant vapor output and maximize membrane life, a membrane rotation schedule should be followed. Average life of each industrial membrane is 270 hours.

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