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Two Piece Wand with squeegee Tool
Two Piece Wand with squeegee Tool
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Two Piece Wand with squeegee Tool

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Two Piece Wand with squeegee Tool

Two Piece Wand with Squeegee Tool - CommercialVacuum.com

The kit is designed for fast effective collection of water and slurries with standard wet-dry commercial vacuums and home shop vacuums equipped with 1 ½” hose. It is designed to fit to auto-scrubbers equipped to accept squeegee recovery of water in areas not normally accessible to the unit. It is suitable for use in disaster recovery applications where water is being recovered using carpet extraction equipment. It is suitable for new or replacement of tools standard to major commercial wet-dry vacuum brands including Karcher, Tennant, Nilfisk, Perfect, Power Flight, Hawk, Castex, Mercury, NSS, and Sanitaire.In addition it can be commercial quality upgrade to home shop equipment equipped with 1 ½” hose including Shop Vac, Vacmaster, Rigid, Vac Works, Numatic, and Craftsman.

The kit is designed as a new or replacement wand and squeegee tool for commercial and industrial wet-dry and home shop vacuums equipped with  1 ½” hose. The set includes a 14” squeegee tool and two piece aluminum s-wand with ABS compression coupling.

  • The  14” commercial squeegee has double blades on each side of the vacuum opening. One to supply support and a second softer blade that captures the liquid being recovered. The longer blades are of a soft rubber material to insure single pass liquid recovery.The tool body is ABS to resist chemicals and accept the wear and tear of commercial use. The blades are secured with anodized aluminum brackets and secured with corrosion resistant screws.
  • The two piece aluminum s-wand has a locking button to secure the two halves from separating when in use. The ABS compression locking collar is resistant to chemicals, floor strippers, and avoids the pitting and stripping which are associated with cast metal collars. The compression lock will accept tools with either a 1 ½” or 1 9/16” collar.
  • The locking nut on the ABS compression collar can be adjusted to permit the tool to rotate on the wand end or when fully tightened will lock the tool in a fixed position.
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