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Syclone LGR145 Dehumidifier
Syclone LGR145 Dehumidifier
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Syclone LGR145 Dehumidifier

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Syclone LGR145 Dehumidifier

Syclone LGR145 Dehumidifier - CommercialVacuum.com

Syclone LGR145 Dehumidifier

Outperforms the competitor’s OEM dehu from 80/60 and up

The Syclone LGR145 is an intelligently designed dehumidifier ideal for any number of applications. The LGR145 features convenient inlet and outlet temperature and RH monitoring to save you time. The large-capacity pump basin in this dehumidifier holds water after a power outage or unexpected shut-down to prevent re-saturating the area you're working on. Intelligent electronics mean this unit automatically restarts after a power failure. The LGR145 has been designed to be durable, reliable and portable. This unit has an ergonomic fold-down handle, on-board hose and cord storage, and large rear-mounted wheels for easy transport. Always know whats happening with your unit via the plain-language messages on the digital display and built-in humidistat.

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Technical Specifications

Model Syclone LGR145
Power 9.8 amps, 115v
Water Removal AHAM 80 degree 145 pints / day
Water Removal Max at Saturation 235 pints /  day
Filter Type 3M HAP F368 Same as Drizair 1200
Dimensions  33.5 x 20 x 20
Weight 115 lbs
Drain Hose 40 ft.
Cord 25 ft.

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