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Squeegee Brush Wet Dry Tool Kit with Wand
Squeegee Brush Wet Dry Tool Kit with Wand
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Squeegee Brush Wet Dry Tool Kit with Wand

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Squeegee Brush Wet Dry Tool Kit with Wand

Squeegee Brush Wet Dry Tool Kit with Wand - CommercialVacuum.com

The Squeegee brush kit is designed for applications where there is benefit in scrubbing a rough or textured surfaces in conjunction with stripping or cleaning chemicals to free stuck on dirt, oils, grease, or waxes. The tool will quickly flip from this scrubbing action to a fast effective commercial squeegee for recovery of liquids and debris freed by the scrubbing action. The 16” wide tool reduces the number of passes necessary to recovery of the liquids saving time and money. The brush and squeegee blades can be quickly changed in the field with simple tools providing a reliable cost effective tool addressing demanding applications. The two piece heavy duty chrome s-wand is designed specifically for the swivel neck feature of the nozzle permitting one to transition from scrubbing to recovery by simply lifting and tapping the tool to affect the flip. The two piece s-wand stores and ships small and has a unique slot connection to prevent unintended separation or rotation without the need for buttons and risk of potential damage. The squeegee brush kit is ideal for use in the restaurant trade, restroom cleaning, pet clinics, pet grooming locations, medical facilities. The durable design makes it ideal for companies needing to recovery slurries like concrete cutting, stone cutting, tile cutting. A great solution for those working around and maintaining pools, hot tub areas, and textured deck surfaces in hotels and other hospitality environments. The 63818 is compatible with all wet-dry commercial vacuums using standard 1.50” commercial vacuum hose including brands Nilfisk, Tennant, Karcher, Pacific, Mastercraft, Mercury, Hawk, Castex, Advance, Koblenz, EDIC, Powr-Flite, Numatic, Crusader, Dustbane, Shop Vac, Tornado, Pullman, as well as an excellent complimentary tool for use with major brands of scrubber dryers. 

This kit ideally is a customer in food service or maintaining bathrooms with tile or polished cement floors would have the ability to scrub and then without changing tools recover liquids from floor surfaces. Great for use in and around public, health clubs, and hotel pool facilities, pet and vet clinics, with concrete cutting firms, and stone and tile floor refinishers.  The tool has a 360 degree swivel neck which captures the chrome steel wand pictured with the tool. The neck permits the tool to flip by simply lifting the nozzle and tapping the tool end to flip the tool from scrubbing to recovery. The 1.50” wand is unique in North America, common in Europe.

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