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 Sonozaire Ozone Odor Neutralizers
Sonozaire Ozone Generators
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Sonozaire Ozone Odor Neutralizers

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Sonozaire Ozone Odor Neutralizers

Sonozaire Ozone Odor Neutralizers - CommercialVacuum.com

Sonozaire® Odor Neutralizers

Model 5G

Sonozaire units are built of heavy-duty aluminum construction. They have proven effective for treating odors in factories and plants; disaster areas; garbage compactors and rooms; offices; dry cleaning facilities; food storage areas; apartments and homes; and planes, automobiles and boats.

The newly released model 5G is designed with a double-insulator, corona discharge ozone cell. With no exposed metal parts, it requires minimal maintenance.

The 5G is a perfect model for restoration companies, hotel/motel owners, and auto detailers because of its high ozone output and compact size. This lightweight model has a high cfm fan and is designed to destroy and quickly eradicate on-site odor problems.

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