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Sidewinder Carpet Tool 15 inch 1.25
Sidewinder Carpet Tool 15 inch Width
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Sidewinder Carpet Tool 15 inch 1.25

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Sidewinder Carpet Tool 15 inch Width

Sidewinder Carpet Tool 15 inch 1.25 - CommercialVacuum.com

Sidewinder 15" carpet tool with 1.25" neck. This tool is used with a wand and is a great combination with backpack vacuums for office buildings, institutions, hospitals, etc. By using this product cleaning efficiency is increased exponentially as well as making it less physically taxing. The tools unique design uses a side to side sweeping motion instead of hunched over pushing and pulling a heavy commercial vacuum causing a lot of strain on their back. It is used with a straight wand rather than the traditional "S" or "J" wand system used with traditional tools. These tools have found great favor with contract cleaners for their ability to increase productivity and detail tight places. The Sidewinder tool is wide one way to cover more surface area when cleaning open areas and narrow the other direction to make it possible to clean those tight spaces without having to pull out a hose and attachment and bending over with your traditional vacuum, which makes it possible to easily navigating around and under furniture. The flexible neck permits the tool to flex 90° to the wand. This permits the tool to vacuum across the tool width, vacuum end on, or to vacuum vertical surfaces with equal effectiveness. The Sidewinder tools are perfect low cost solution for your commercial cleaning needs.

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