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PureMist Wet Fogger AS40
PureMist Wet Fogger AS40
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PureMist Wet Fogger AS40

Part Number: AS40
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PureMist Wet Fogger AS40

PureMist Wet Fogger - CommercialVacuum.com

PureMist Wet Fogger

The compact & stable PureMist fogger is the best choice for open-area & sub-surface deodorizing & disinfecting with water-based deodorizers & disinfectants that are EPA approved for fogging.

You control the settings!

On fine settings, the PureMist atomizes 95% of its output to particles of 20 microns.  Ideal for deodorizing and disinfecting!
On heavy settings, 95% of its output is below 60 microns.  Perfect for duct sealing or applications where heavy wetting is desired.

The PureMist Fogger has an ultra high-speed, 2-stage motor, variable output from 0 to 18 oz. per minute, adjustable flow control valve, flexible 32" directional hose and a corrosion-proof poly supply tank

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