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Pros Choice O2 Plus
Pros Choice O2 Plus
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Pros Choice O2 Plus

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Pros Choice O2 Plus

Pros Choice O2 Plus - CommercialVacuum.com

O2 Plus brightens fibers and breaks down odor-causing organic matter.  It also boosts the effectiveness of your extraction detergent.
O2 Plus gives you the most concentrated form of water-soluble oxygen.  Plus pH buffering and performance builders for your carpet extraction solution.

For portables add 2 ounces (1 scoop) of O2 Plus into each 5 gallons of ready to use extraction detergent.  Dissolve completely before use.

For Truck Mounts add 8 ounces (4 scoops) into the 5-gallon cleaning concentrate solution.  Dissolve completely before use.

O2 Plus dissolves best in hot water.  O2 Plus is most powerful during the first 12 hours.

Additional Product Details
pH:  10
Dilution: Up to 2 ounces per 5 gallons cleaning solution
Container Size:  112 oz

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