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Pros Choice Air Fresh Lemon
Pros Choice Air Fresh Lemon
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Pros Choice Air Fresh Lemon

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Pros Choice Air Fresh Lemon

Pros Choice Air Fresh Lemon - CommercialVacuum.com


This is a commercial strength water-based deodorizer.  Pros Choice Air Fresh leaves the perfect amount of fragrance after cleaning or in between cleanings.  Strong enough to be effective on such odors as mildew, dog dander, water damage and much more but light enough to not overpower small areas.  Pros Choice Air Fresh is available in Lemon, Cherry, Fresh & Clean and the new Crisp Apple and Tangerine.

For shampooing or steam cleaning, mix 1 oz. To each gallon of cleaning solution.  For use without cleaning, mix 1 part AIR FRESH  to 3 parts water, and spray the carpet with trigger sprayer. 

For room deodorizing, mix 1 part AIR FRESH with 10 parts water, and fog room with trigger sprayer. 

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