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Perky Spotter Plus Professional Spot & Stain Remover
Perky Spotter Plus Professional Spot & Stain Remover
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Perky Spotter Plus Professional Spot & Stain Remover

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Perky Spotter Plus Professional Spot & Stain Remover

Perky Spotter Plus Professional Spot & Stain Remover - CommercialVacuum.com

Is Perky Plus the Best Water Based Spotter Ever Produced?

We think so - We can't find a better one!

With a controlled pH of 9.5 and specialty solvents it removes a greater percentage of tough water based and oil based spots and stains including most cosmetics, grease, oil, inks, shoe polish, etc.

It excels at spot and stain removal while maintaining a "green" profile. It exceeds the effectiveness of current "protein spotters", removing with ease the typical blood, grass, and chocolate stains, and then with unique ingredients not in other spotters it tackles tough combination stains they may contain fats, proteins, dyes, cellulose, lipids and other unique organics.

Perky Plus, the next generation of Perky

Perky has long been used as a consumer and professional spotter. Perky Plus, has the same ingredients as Perky plus five additional ingredients. As in Perky, all of the ingredients are "green". The product will work on all of the spots that Perky works on (usually with a performance enhancement) plus some additional spotting issues. The product uses three different solvents two of which have come to market this century. All of these spotters are listed on Cleangredients website, which lists a few hundred ingredients officially approved by EPA Design for Environment program. Perky Plus also has two additional surfactants to help increase the breadth of performance.

Perky Plus serves as a bridge from Perky to more aggressive POG (paint, oil, and grease remover) products. It is obvious, in most cases, when a spot or stain will require you to go directly to a smelly POG. However, minor paint, ink and grease spots can be removed with the use of Perky Plus. In our opinion, a professional will be best served if they use Perky Plus instead of Perky as more spots they treat will be removed.

Dilution Ratios: RTU     RTU pH: 9.5     Contains: 1 gallon

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