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Hydro-Well Water Tank 100 Gallon
Hydro-Well Water Tank 100 Gallon
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Hydro-Well Water Tank 100 Gallon

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Hydro-Well Water Tank 100 Gallon

Hydro-Well Water Tank 100 Gallon - CommercialVacuum.com

Years of experience, engineering, and planning have gone into the design and manufacturing of the Hydro-Well III. A great deal of pride went into the Hydro-Well III; the goal is no less than your complete satisfaction. 

While the Hydro-Well III is designed for use with cold water, hot water from residential or commercial building water heaters may be safely used if the incoming water temperature is below 150ºF or 65ºC. 

The Hydro-Well III is designed to be mounted almost anywhere in the vehicle. It can be mounted against the wall on either side, over the wheel well or mounted away from the wall across the middle of the van. 

The Hydro Well III can be mounted directly to the van floor. Depending on the placement of the floor mount brackets in relation to the van floor ribs. The most stable installations are achieved when the Hydro-Well III is installed on top of a flat, smooth floor. 


  • Width: 61 inches 
  • Depth: 22 inches 
  • Height: 42 inches 
  • Weight (Empty): approximately 115lbs. 
  • Tank Construction: LLDPE 
  • Water Capacity: 100 gallons

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