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Hydramaster TreadMaster Escalator Cleaner 40
TreadMaster Escalator Cleaner
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Hydramaster TreadMaster Escalator Cleaner 40

Part Number: 100-100-003
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Hydramaster TreadMaster Escalator Cleaner 40

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Hydramaster TreadMaster Escalator Cleaner 40 - CommercialVacuum.com


TreadMaster is efficient
The ease of set-up and take-down makes cleaning escalator treads and moving walkways a hands-off job. TreadMaster escalator cleaning machine frees up personnel to perform other tasks while TreadMaster escalator cleaning machine is at work. The built-in vacuum system, easily replaceable heavy duty polishing pad and nylon-grit brush ensures complete and thorough cleaning.

TreadMaster is safe
One-step, automatic cleaning eliminates risky, manual cleaning procedures. TreadMaster removes unsafe substances from stair tread surfaces, reducing the risk of liability hazards for customers and employees. TreadMaster also comes with a handy clip-on ESCALATOR CLEANING IN PROGRESS sign to deter escalator passengers.

A simple three-step set-up process
Simply position the TreadMaster escalator cleaning machine at the bottom of the escalator, lower the tread-wide cleaning head into position, and activate the escalator. Without any repositioning during any part of the cleaning process, TreadMaster cleans any tread width completely and thoroughly.


  • Durable, roto-molded construction
  • Quiet riding wheels
  • Replaceable polishing pads and brushes
  • Crevice tool for hard to reach areas
  • Three different tread widths:
    24", 32" and 40" cleaning heads will accommodate most escalator models
  • Available for moving sidewalks


(2) 1-5/8 H.P.

13.8 amps

Territory Restrictions Apply

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