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Henry Vacuum Cleaner Numatic HVR200A
Henry Vacuum Cleaner Numatic HVR200A
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Henry Vacuum Cleaner Numatic HVR200A

Part Number: HVR200A
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Numatic HVR200A Henry Vacuum Cleaner

Henry Vacuum Cleaner HVR200A - CommercialVacuum.com

The Vacuum Cleaner with a Smile

The NaceCare HVR200A Henry vacuum was first introduced in 2009. It is a dry-only vacuum cleaner with a powerful new 580W two-stage motor that achieves "A" rating energy conservation features. This latest Henry also has a lower sound level than previous models and boasts a quiet 75dB. The Neumatic Henry vacuum has a nice long 10m cable with an easy-to-use rewind system which is mercifully free of gadgets to go wrong. It uses giant Tritex filters and now uses the Hepaflo dust bags which improve filtration efficiency, cleanliness and capacity. In case you're wondering, HVR = "Henry Vacuum Red". There are three other Henry colors, producing a Blue Henry, a Green Henry and a Yellow Henry. Which one you buy is of course up to you - but the red ones are cheaper. Why? I think it's just a question of volume - how many of each type they produce. 

 HVR200-A2 Henry Specifications 

  • Motor Power 580W 
  • Cleaning Range 26.8m 
  • Weight 8.5kg 
  • Power 110V AC 50/60Hz 
  • Suction 2000mm 
  •  Size 360x340x370mm 
  • Capacity 9L 
  • Energy Efficiency A

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