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Groom Solutions Lift-Ink Carpet Spotter
Groom Solutions Lift-Ink Carpet Spotter
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Groom Solutions Lift-Ink Carpet Spotter

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Groom Solutions Lift-Ink Carpet Spotter

Groom Solutions Lift-Ink Carpet Spotter - CommercialVacuum.com

Groom Solutions Lift-Ink Carpet Spotter

LIFT INK is a multi-purpose solvent formulated for use on carpet and fabric that is designed to remove ballpoint pen, stamp pad , duplicating, marking, writing, felt tip and colored art inks. It also works effectively on latex, spray, and other types of paints. It can also be used to remove shoe polish, cosmetics and adhesives. It has been specially formulated to be in compliance with the latest emission regulations. ? Versatile? LIFT INK is both water soluble and solvent soluble. Most often stains can be removed by applying LIFT INK, water and extracting. Where solvents are more appropriate, LIFT INK can be flushed with CITRUS BURST® SPOTTER. Last traces of some color from problematic oil based stains may need to be treated with TRIPLEPHASE STAIN REMOVER.  Effective Ink stains that were previously thought to be permanent can now be removed. Used in combination with PERKY PLUS® as the rinsing agent, LIFT INK has removed heavy deposits of ink on upholstery where other products failed. ? Free-Rinsing? LIFT INK will rinse free from the fabric with either water or volatile solvent. This means no re-soiling problems.

  •  Emulsifying solvent spotter - extract away many ink-base spots and dyes
  •  Ballpoint pen, stamp pad, ink duplicating and marking, inks, paint and much more

Ink - Pens, Stamp, Printer
Paint - Spray Paint, Latex
Shoe Polish & Cosmetics
Marker - Permanent, Felt

Compare to:
  •  Jon-Don Matrix® Inkaway
  •  Prochem® Solvink
  •  Pros Choice® Ink-Out

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