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Groom Solutions Aromacide Deodorizer
Groom Solutions Aromacide Deodorizer
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Groom Solutions Aromacide Deodorizer

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Groom Solutions Aromacide Deodorizer

Groom Solutions Aromacide Deodorizer - CommercialVacuum.com

Groom Solutions Aromacide Deodorizer has been specially formulated to counteract and neutralize organic malodors through a multi-phased attack on organic odor producing materials. It works effectively on a wide variety of common and specialized odor problems, including airborne malodors, skunk musk, urine odors, smoke odors, bacterial and fungal odors, stale odors, vomit, and many other organic and protein odors. The multi-phase attack first physically bonds to the odor, surrounds it with a odor barrier, and then leaves a fresh fragrance in its place. This product positively neutralizes odors and does not just mask them.

  •  Fresh lavender sage fragrance
  •  Extremely effective for a wide variety of malodors - urine, smoke, skunk musk, bacterial and fungal odors and more
  •  Multi-phased attack for more effective odor control
  •  Encapsulates and binds malodors for permanent odor treatment
  •  Contains no enzymes, quats, solvents - safer for you and your customer
  •  Ideal general purpose deodorizer

Application Chart:
  • Airborne Malodors
  • Skunk Musk, Urine, Smoke
  • Bacteria and Fungal Odors
  • Vomit and Organic Odors

Compare to:
  •  Hydramaster® MutliphaseTM
  •  Prochem® FlourosilTM
  •  Chemspec® KillOdorTM

7.0 - 7.5

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