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Elsea Ercules Bulk Liquid / Dry Material Vacuum
Elsea Ercules Bulk Liquid / Dry Material Vacuum
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Elsea Ercules Bulk Liquid / Dry Material Vacuum

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Elsea Ercules Bulk Liquid / Dry Material Vacuum

Elsea Ercules Bulk Liquid / Dry Material Vacuum - CommercialVacuum.com

The Elsea Ercules was engineered to address applications where something more than the traditional wet-dry vacuum is necessary due to the volume of debris or liquids collected. The dual motor head includes two commercial by-pass motors providing the necessary water lift for effective collection of liquids and high airflow to ensure the material is carried effectively back to the collection bin. 

The Elsea Ercules is a two motor HEPA commercial vacuum designed for volume collection of liquid or dry material. Two bypass Ametek motors deliver 94.5 inches of water lift and 240 CFM of airflow providing effective collection of liquid or solid waste. The motors are independently controlled through switches on the control dash board allowing one or both motors to be employed as demanded by the application. The vacuum head is secured into the top of the collection bin with four easy to release thumb screws releasing the head as necessary for emptying. 

The top fill design of the Elsea Ercules ensures maximum capacity in the 50 gallon collection bin with 45 gallons of effective capacity wet or dry. The Elsea Ercules has a washable large surface area HEPA filter insuring clean air exhaust and effective capture of 99.9 % of fine particulate 3 micron and larger. The filter can remain in place during wet-use and washed using clean water as deemed necessary. 

The Elsea Ercules is equipped with an easy to read site gauge for quick confirmation of the remaining capacity for liquids in the collection bin. An easy to operate gate valve is installed at the base of the collection bin for draining liquids into a floor sink. 

Ercules is mounted on a heavy duty steel cart that locks the bin in place and when desired the release of two snap pins pivots the bin at its mid-point for easy dumping of dry material or in the case of liquids any remaining liquid below the drain valve. The steel cart is mounted on four commercial locking casters that allow the Elsea Ercules to be fixed in position or easily moved from location to location as the application demands.

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