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Cordless Multi-Sprayer AS78
Cordless Multi-Sprayer AS78
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Cordless Multi-Sprayer AS78

Part Number: AS78
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Cordless Multi-Sprayer AS78

Cordless Multi-Sprayer - CommercialVacuum.com

Cordless Multi-Sprayer The cordless Multi-Sprayer is a great option for those that need a smaller, lightweight electric sprayer. Electric sprayers have become more popular as the cost of gas goes up and cleaners look for ways to save money. In addition to its low cost of operation, electric sprayers allow you to go places injection sprayers can't like large office buildings and multi-story units. An electric sprayer is a must for those doing commercial cleaning. The cordless feature allows you to work quickly without worrying about finding a plug socket or winding up cords at the end of the day. The Multi-Sprayer allows you to spray up to 30 gallons of chemical and holds up to 2 gallons. 

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