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Backpack Vacuum Sidewinder Nozzles With Aluminum Telescopic Wand
Backpack Vacuum Sidewinder Nozzles With Aluminum Ratchet Wand
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Backpack Vacuum Sidewinder Nozzles With Aluminum Telescopic Wand

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Backpack Vacuum Sidewinder Nozzles Kit

Backpack Vacuum Sidewinder With Aluminum Telescopic Wand - CommercialVacuum.com

The Sidewinder kit is designed for new or replacement use with backpack vacuums equipped with 1 ½” hose. Sidewinders have been proven to increase productivity, reduce cleaning time, Increase effectiveness in detailing, and reduce fatigue for the user. The pivoting neck of the Sidewinder and vertical presentation lets you move the tool through an arc around your body relying on body rotation unlike the push-pull of traditional tools. This permits a single pass to clean an area three times larger than what is achieved with a traditional commercial vacuum tool. The 18” scalloped carpet tool has an extra heavy thickness at the base to add life to the tool. The 18” natural fill floor brush is great for any hard surface, including wood, laminate, tile, stone, vinyl, polished surfaces. The pivoting neck of the floor brush makes it ideal for cleaning horizontal surfaces, return air vents and light fixtures overhead. Unlike cam lock telescopic the 1 ½” aluminum telescopic wand s length is controlled with a slide button which secures the length desired once set. Changing length is easy and can be accomplished with one hand while continuing to vacuum making it ideal for cleaning stairwells. The set is designed to be compatible with all major brands of backpack vacuums equipped with 1 ½” hose including Pro Team, Hawk, Sanitaire, Mosquito, Karcher, Bissell, Sandia, Mercury, Powr-Flite, and Carpet Pro

  • The Sidewinder kit is designed as a new or replacement set accessories for backpack vacuums equipped with 1 ½” hose including an 18” Sidewinder carpet, 18” Sidewinder natural fill floor brush, and a ratchet telescopic aluminum ratchet wand that extends from 44” to 60” at one-inch intervals. 

  • Sidewinder tools are designed to move in an arc using body rotation rather than the conventional push-pull of horizontal tools which let you clean faster. As a result, an independent university study indicates a 25% improvement in productivity when using Sidewinders as compared to conventional tools. 

  •  Sidewinder use put less stress and fatigue on the backpack vacuum user since you stand in a comfortable upright position. Improved detailing since the low profile tool can access small spaces due to the patented pivoting head. 

  • The aluminum telescopic ratchet wand permits single hand control of the wand length. The length changes at one-inch intervals with a positive lock when set that allows the wand and tool system to ideally fit the user for maximum comfort and cleaning effectiveness.

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