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Air Wave Duct Cleaning System AC040
Air Wave Duct Cleaning System
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Air Wave Duct Cleaning System AC040

Part Number: AC040
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Air Wave Duct Cleaning System

Air Wave Duct Cleaning System - CommercialVacuum.com


Duct Cleaning System

Whether you are starting up a new duct cleaning business, adding duct cleaning to your already existing carpet cleaning business, or upgrading your current system, the Air Wave Duct Cleaner is the most effective and cost efficient duct cleaning solution on the market.

According to the EPA a thorough duct cleaning job; which includes cleaning of the ducts, grills and air handler, runs from $450 - 1,000 so you’ll be able to completely pay for the Air Wave Duct Cleaner in as little as 2 jobs! Cleaners that concentrate on duct cleaning as a service are able to add up to $100,000 in additional income each year.

Heating and cooling systems can become inefficient due to dust buildup and potentially exacerbate health conditions such as asthma and allergies. Ducts can be filled with construction materials, mold, dust and pollens. Homeowners can use duct cleaning to lower electric and gas bills and keep their living spaces clean.

9 out of 10 system failures are caused by dirt and dust according to the Louisiana Cooperative Extension Service. One of the functions of the fan, located inside of your air handler, is to keep the heat exchanger cool. Accumulated dirt and debris can reduce the CFM (cubic feet of air per minute) by as much as 50%! This is the most common cause of cracks in heat exchangers. Having your HVAC system cleaned may prevent pre-mature breakdown & aging of your heating and cooling system.

The EPA states that a buildup of only .042 inches of dirt on a heating coil can result in a decrease of efficiency of 21%. A clean air conveyance system will keep an HVAC system running efficiently and reduce heating and cooling costs.

Cleaning dryer vents is another service that can be done with duct cleaning equipment. Clogged dryer vents represent a serious fire hazard. As the dryer vent becomes occluded with very combustible lint, it decreases the dryer’s efficiency and can increase the heat in the vent to the point of actually causing the lint to ignite.

Included Items:

  • Vacuum Box Assembly #AC041
  • 2" Male Flash Cuff with Male NPT and Lock Nut #AH224 and #NM6102
  • 2" Female Flash Cuff #AH204
  • 2" to 1.5" Female Reducer Flash Cuff #AH201
  • LED Light #AC043
  • Toe Kick Adapter Plate #AC042
  • 25' Cleaning Air Hose #AH040
  • 50' Compressor Air Hose #AC031A
  • Black Pusher Ball #NM6109
  • White Blaster Ball #NM6108
  • Extension Pole #AC049 and Pole Ball End #NM6110
  • Air Gun #AC047
  • Air Shutoff Valve #AH54
  • Male Air QC ¼" FPT #PAF17, ¼" MPT #PAF18, Female Air QC #PAF19
  • Air Wave Carry Bag #AC046

If you're using a truckmount or portable as your vacuum source we also recommend using our Dry Vac Dustdowners part # AH128 - 2", and AH127 - 1.5" to prevent dust from damaging components or being ejected into the customer's home.

For more information, including how to use the Air Wave Duct Cleaner please read the manual below.

Manual #LMANAC040
200 PSI 1.6 HP Dewalt Compressor #MH90

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