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Water Claw Spot Lifter AC012
Water Claw Spot Lifter
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Water Claw Spot Lifter AC012

Part Number: AC012
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Water Claw Spot Lifter

Water Claw Spot Lifter AC012 - CommercialVacuum.com

Water Claw Spot A Spotting Revolution Has Begun!
  • Works when both carpet and cushion are saturated

  • Ideal for Pet Urine, soda pop, oils, soap residues, food spills and more

  • Saves time and money

  • Increases Client satisfaction, eliminates call backs from stains wicking

  • Unique design of bottom plate maximizes suction

  • Use with a truckmount, portable, or mini-extractor

  • Accepts 1.5" or 2" hose cuffs

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