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Ventilation Tool Set
Ventilation Tool Set
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Ventilation Tool Set

Part Number: 93136
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Ventilation Tool Set

Ventilation Tool Set - CommercialVacuuum.com

Ventilation systems (HVAC) are often employing visible round ventilation duct in ceilings with exposed mechanicals. These systems often use different diameters of duct to accommodate the HVAC needs associated with the square footage of the space. Often the duct work is visible from mezzanines and presents an unsightly appearance. Routine cleaning of this visible duct work has presented a challenge for facility managers and contract cleaning professionals challenged with maintaining the space. Addressing the need to clean a large diameter round surface up to 25 feet from the floor presented challenges. Not only must the tool match the curve of the duct surface but it is also necessary to prevent the cleaning wand from interfering with the duct as one moves higher on the duct surface. To address these unique needs Cen-Tec Systems developed a patent pending double pivot connected to curved surface tools designed for cleaning ventilations duct of 8” in diameter up to 6 feet in diameter. The double pivot allows the tool to contact the surface and move up and even over the top of the ventilation duct without interference of the cleaning wand permitting effective cleaning of the complete surface of the duct. The tools are designed to use the industry standard ABS compression lock for insuring the tools will not be subject to unintended separation from the cleaning wand when working overhead or in a vertical plane from an elevated platform. The ventilation duct cleaning tools are an ideal addition to Cen-Tec Systems popular Reach cleaning system permitting fast efficient cleaning of all elevated surfaces from the safety of the floor.

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