1. Turbo Brush T212

Turbo Brush T212
Turbo Brush T212
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Turbo Brush T212

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Turbo Brush T212
The Turbo 212 is a powerful, air-driven powerhead that harnesses the power of your central vacuum system for deep, thorough cleaning.
Turbo 212 is engineered with exclusive Z-Tech Design features including the Vac-N-Groom Brush Roller, Multi-port Baseplate, Silent Drive Belt, Run-Silent Bearings, Soft Pro-tech Bumper, Easy-glide Rollers and Large Intake Port. These features come together to produce the quietest, most powerful turbine powerhead.
Remove embedded dirt and dust while easily maneuvering the lightweight Turbo 212. And it requires no power cords, batteries or additional electricity.

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