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Pros Choice Stain Magic 2 Quart Set
Pros Choice Stain Magic 2 Quart Set
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Pros Choice Stain Magic 2 Quart Set

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Pros Choice Stain Magic 2 Quart Set

Pros Choice Stain Magic 2 Quart Set - CommercialVacuum.com


Stain Magic is a 2 part stain removal solution that will work magic for you on most stains caused by coffee, urine, tea and much other difficult to remove discoloration. Stain Magic chemically alters the stain to simply make it disappear.

1. Clean discolored area thoroughly to remove as much contamination as possible.
2. In a clear container, mix equal parts Stain Magic solution A with Solution B.
3. Apply mixture to the stained area, evenly wetting the discolored fibers ( a trigger sprayer works well for this application).
4. Dwell time.  You may see the stain disappear immediately, or it may require up to 8  hours for the chemical reaction to reach completion.
5. Rinse spot with hot water extraction.

Tips and Cautions
Always blot dry fibers to be treated before application of Stain Magic.
Always mix the fresh solution and use within five minutes.

Covering treated fibers with clear plastic will improve performance.

Always dispose of the unused solution.
Never place mixed solution in closed container or pressure will build up and cause the container to burst.
Avoid storing product in direct sunlight to prolong shelf life.

Always test an inconspicuous area for colorfastness before using.
Note: This product can cause discoloration of natural fibers if allowed to dwell for extended periods of time.  For natural fibers use Pro's Choice

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