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Pro’s Choice Stain Kit
Pro’s Choice Stain Kit
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Pro’s Choice Stain Kit

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Pro’s Choice Stain Kit

Pro’s Choice Stain Kit - CommercialVacuum.com

The Pro’s Choice Stain Kit contains everything you need to remove hundreds of stains.  The insulated soft pack will keep your stain removal solutions protected from direct sunlight and harsh temperatures that can reduce the shelf life of your spotting agents.

The spotting kit contains:
Red Relief
Stain Magic
Pro Solve Gel
Power Gel
Rust Away
Pro Solve Liquid

The Stain Kit also comes with pipets and beakers, pH strips and most important of all it contains the Pro’s Choice Guide.  The instructional booklet that contains over 50 step by step instructions for removing even “impossible” stains like mustard, curry, and ball point pen ink.

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