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Nubuck Cloth 2/Bag ALM01
Nubuck Cloth 2/Bag ALM01
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Nubuck Cloth 2/Bag ALM01

Part Number: ALM01
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Nubuck Cloth 2/Bag ALM01

Nubuck Cloth 2/Bag - CommercialVacuum.com

Nubuck Cloth 2/Bag ALM01 USES: For Nubuck Leathers FEATURES/BENEFITS: These amazing cloths allow for easy cleaning of most soiling on Nubuck leathers. They also will remove dark and shiny areas as well as return flat areas to the original look and feel. What they do is pick the soiling up from the l4ather and transfer it on the cloth. These cloths also reverse flat and shiny areas that are caused from contact with skin. Unfold the cloth and wrap it around a soft dry sponge and simply rub the leather in several directions to transfer the soiling from the surface to the cloth. PACKAGED: 2-Pack

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