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HydroForce Nylon Mesh Hose Bag
HydroForce Nylon Mesh Hose Bag
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HydroForce Nylon Mesh Hose Bag

Part Number: AX200
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HydroForce Nylon Mesh Hose Bag

Nylon Mesh Hose Bag

Hose carrying bag with shoulder strap.

Stop tearing out your fingernails using old hose bags to lug your gear! The new Hydro-Force hose bag will make carrying your electrical cords, solution hose, and vacuum hose a snap! The new shoulder strap allows you to carry more weight and frees up your hands so you make fewer trips to the van.

The new hose bag is constructed of durable mesh nylon to allow your hoses to dry and prevent nasty mildew smells. Its double-stitched seams prevent rips and the heavy-duty strap is reinforced at each end to ensure long use. In addition, the locking drawstring helps to keep your hoses from spilling out.

Each bag is tested using our strict quality control standards and is rated to hold up to a minimum of 75 pounds.

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