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Hydro-Force Wood Cleaner
Hydro-Force Wood Cleaner
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Hydro-Force Wood Cleaner

Part Number: CW025GL
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Hydro-Force Wood Cleaner

Hydro-Force Wood Cleaner - CommercialVacuum.com

FEATURES/BENEFITS: This one-step cleaner is used in our system with the rotary floor machine and maroon pad to remove the surface soil and the embedded dirt. It will also remove scuff marks and other imperfections. Mix one part Wood Cleaner with 8 parts water in a spray bottle and apply to the floor before scrubbing. It also removes residue during the rinsing phases. It is the ideal cleaner to prepare the floor for the application of Hydro-Force Wood Finish CW032GL or CW033GL. Hydro-Force Wood Cleaner is also the ideal cleaner for daily maintenance of the floor. It can be used by the home owner to clean wood floors as often as needed.

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