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Gekko SX-15 Tool AR51S
Gekko SX-15 Tool AR51S
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Gekko SX-15 Tool AR51S

Part Number: AR51S
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Gekko SX-15 Tool AR51S

Gekko SX-15 Tool AR51S - CommercialVacuum.com


The industry's most advanced tile cleaning tool, the SX-15, just got slimmer. The new Gekko SX-15 attaches an SX-15 head to a Gekko wand to create an even thinner profile for this tile cleaning monster. The Gekko SX-15 was created after numerous requests for a wand-style set up for the SX-15. 

The AR51S includes all components necessary to attach the SX-15 head to a Gekko wand #AR51A. The Gekko wand is not included. 


  • Industry-leading 15" cleaning path allows you to clean 25% faster than 12" models 
  • Aerodynamically-engineered radial vacuum line creates a laminar-flow vortex in the cleaning head that allows the SX-15 to remove water twice as fast as competitive models 
  • Tool-less design makes changing the boots a breeze! EZ-LOCâ„¢ boot uses no screws or pop rivets, simply release three locking levers to change your boot on the fly! 
  • Toe-adjustable vacuum relief lets you adjust the suction strength on the fly 
  • Low profile allows the unit to fit under toe kicks 
  • Easy access inline filter makes cleaning the filter a snap 


  • Quality components will handle operating pressures from 700 to 2,600 PSI so you can blast away oily deposits 
  • Stainless steel handle and high-tech polymer casing will take a beating and ask for more 


  • Lightweight construction makes it feel like the machine is floating along the floor 
  • Tool length is comfortable for users of all heights

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