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Extech Precision Psychrometer
Extech Precision Psychrometer
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Extech Precision Psychrometer

Part Number: AC113
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Extech Precision Psychrometer

Extech Precision Psychrometer - CommercialVacuum.com

Highest 2% RH accuracy with fast 30 seconds Response Time

Measure humidity and temperature simultaneously with the RH390 Precision Psychrometer from Extech. A dual-illuminated readout can be alternated to display wet bulb and humidity, or dew point and humidity, or temperature and humidity. This handheld device registers temperatures from -22 degrees to 199 degrees F (-30 degrees to 100 degrees C) and measures the full spectrum of relative humidity with ±2% accuracy between 20 and 90% RH. Complete with carrying case and 9V battery.

  • Fast response time (<30 seconds)
  • Dual backlit display
  • Simultaneous display of: Humidity/Temperature, Humidity/Dew Point or Humidity/Wet Bulb
  • Data Hold and Min/Max functions

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