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Extech Pocket Moisture Meter
Extech Pocket Moisture Meter AC122
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Extech Pocket Moisture Meter

Part Number: AC122
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Extech Pocket Moisture Meter

Extech Pocket Moisture Meter - CommercialVacuum.com

Dual Measurement Scale LCD Display with Bargraph

This Pocket Moisture Meter from Extech allows you to quickly assess whether wood and other porous materials have endured any water incursion. Simply push the sharply pointed electrode pins into the surface of sheetrock, drywall, wallboard, concrete, mortar, plaster or other building materials and the device will detect moisture levels between 0.2% to 2.4%. Slide the material-selection switch to wood and the handheld meter will determine moisture presence in timber from 6% to 44%. Complete with protective cap, replacement pins, and three CR-2032 button batteries.

  • Use on wall board, sheet rock, cardboard, plaster, concrete, and mortar
  • Replaceable threaded measurement electrode pins
  • Self-contained, pocket sized meter with belt clip

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