1. Behr Claws Carpet Re-Stretcher AK002

Behr Claws Carpet Re-Stretcher  AK002
Behr Claws Carpet Re-Stretcher AK002
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Behr Claws Carpet Re-Stretcher AK002

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Behr Claws Carpet Re-Stretcher AK002
Behr Claws Carpet Re-Stretcher  AK002
All synthetic-backed carpet needs to be re-stretched occasionally.  That’s why almost every house you clean in has carpet bubbles.  Most cleaners are walking away from hundreds of dollars EACH DAY in highly profitable re-stretches.  That’s because Power Stretchers weigh a ton, take forever to set up and getting the re-stretch just right can be tricky.  So most cleaners end up passing on the work or giving it away to someone else.

Many water jobs require reinstallation or re-stretching of carpet following drying.  The Behr Claws tool allows you to perform perfect stretches quickly and easily after only a couple of jobs for "on-the-job" training.

Behr Claws is the world’s best carpet re-stretcher and allows cleaners to make really big money with this add-on service!  The national average for re-stretches is $65-$100 per room!  Your Behr Claws will pay for itself in just two weeks or less!

This ingenious design hooks over the tackless strip and pulls the carpet to the proper tension.  Next, you attach the carpet to the tackless, tilt theBehr Claws, slide it to the next position and continue the stretch.

Because Behr Claws pulls from the tackless, you get a perfect perpendicular stretch every time.  You can even do complete re-stretches without removing the furniture!  It’s perfect for re-installing carpet after flood restoration.  Training DVDs are available FREE and, after doing two or three jobs for your friends and family, you’ll be stretching like a pro.

Behr Claws is always set up, weighs just 13 pounds and easily stores behind the seat in your van.  You can buy Behr Claws alone to use with your existing power stretcher head, or buy the optional Power Stretcher Junior Head.  Each sold separately.

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