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 EZEE Grip Pole AB110
EZEE Grip Pole AB110
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EZEE Grip Pole AB110

Part Number: AB110
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EZEE Grip Pole AB110

EZEE Grip Pole - CommercialVacuum.com

EZEE Grip NO MORE BLISTERS FROM USING A MOP, BROOM OR FLOOR BRUSH Introducing the EZEE GRIP telescopic pole. The 33" collapsible pole extends to a perfect handle length of 60" and will fit all standard US threaded broom, brush and mop heads. It has a soft neoprene upper that makes it easy to use without gloves, preventing painful blisters. The aluminum pole is both durable and lightweight, and locks securely at the perfect length so users of any height can clean ergonomically. The pole can also be hung from a peg, so your equipment stays organized in your van.

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