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Solution Tank 4 Gallon ST4B
4 Gallon Solution Tank
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Solution Tank 4 Gallon ST4B

Part Number: 40-1000
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Solution Tank 4 Gallon ST4B
4 Gallon solution tank. Great for most floor machine. Also great for carpet shampoo. Compare our shampoo tank.
The 4-gallon solution tank is constructed of heavy-duty polyethylene, making it durable for any environment. The unit can withstand temperatures up to 200 degrees without becoming brittle, cracking or leaking. A large opening allows for spill-free filling. Mount tank onto a floor machine - when the lever is pulled, it dispenses solution down to the apron of the machine.
Includes super drain valve.
Warranty: Lifetime on the body, 1-year on all other parts.

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